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Year: 2016



    mGC (pictured above) mini Gas Chromatograph Handheld Portable Monitor OSHA Compliance Reporting Specific Gas Detection Sub ppm Levels Check Out ENMET’s New Website! We recently launched our new website that is completely mobile friendly! Please take a few minutes to check out all of our new features: Portable Workplace Detector for Trace Toxic Chemicals ENMET’s…



    Exciting News from ENMET! We have launched our new website! Please take a look at our completely redesigned website: Announcing ENMET’s New Rental and Leasing Programs ENMET, LLC is pleased to now offer rental options for several of our instruments, including Matrix Gas Verifier and Gas Chromatography (GC) instruments.  We recognize the financial investment that…

  • ENMET July 2016 e-Newsletter

    ENMET July 2016 e-Newsletter

    eGC® (pictured above) Environmental Gas Chromatograph Fenceline Monitoring for Benzene EPA Compliance Reporting Autonomous Operation Exciting News from ENMET! We have acquired Sensora Corporation, a highly specialized manufacturer of gas detection systems, featuring a new line of GC (Gas Chromatograph) products. Autonomous Trace Toxic Chemical Monitor for Field Applications ENMET’s new eGC® (environmental Gas Chromatograph) is a…

  • ENMET MAY 2016 e-Newsletter

    ENMET MAY 2016 e-Newsletter

    MedAir 2200 Compressed Airline Monitor for Medical Air Systems Compressed Airline Monitor for Hospital Applications MedAir 2200 is ENMET’s most advanced compressed airline monitor for medical air systems and is specifically designed for hospital applications. ENMET’s MedAir 2200 is a compact, easy to install and operate compressed airline monitor that continuously and simultaneously monitors up to four…

  • ENMET April 2016 e-Newsletter

    ENMET April 2016 e-Newsletter

    ProAir 2200 Process Air Compressed Airline Monitor Compressed Airline Monitor for Process Air Applications ENMET’s ProAir 2200 is a compact easy to install and operate compressed airline monitor that can continuously and simultaneously monitor up to four gases in real-time, using internally mounted sensors.  ProAir 2200 can be custom configured to monitor a variety of hazardous gases present in…

  • ENMET March 2016 e-Newsletter

    Formaldemeter htV-m Portable Direct-Reading Formaldehyde Monitor Portable Handheld Continuous Formaldehyde Monitor Exposure to Formaldehyde is becoming more common in many industries.  The Formaldemeter htV-m is a direct-reading portable formaldehyde monitor with built-in memory for continuous stand-alone monitoring and storage of up to one month of data.  This formaldehyde detector can be connected directly to a PC for…

  • ENMET February 2016 e-Newsletter

    ENMET February 2016 e-Newsletter

    AFS-50 Air Filtration System for Compressed Breathing Air and Supplied-Air Respirators Compressed Breathing Air Filtration System ENMET’s AFS-50 is a compact compressed breathing air filtration system that removes oil, water, solid particles and odors from a compressed air system.  The AFS-50 system incorporates a unique three-stage filtration concept which utilizes a prefilter, high-efficiency coalescer filter…

  • ENMET January 2016 e-Newsletter

    ENMET January 2016 e-Newsletter

    CO-GUARD Continuous Respiratory Airline Monitor Carbon monoxide  (CO) monitor for supplied breathing air meets OSHA 1910.134 monitoring  requirements for compressed breathing air. Continuous Carbon Monoxide Monitor for Compressed Breathing Air ENMET’s CO-GUARD is a compact, easy to install and operate compressed airline CO monitor that meets OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air. CO-GUARD uses…

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