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7 Indoor Air Quality Myths Integrators Should Explain to Customers

Thanks in part to the ongoing battle with the COVID-19 coronavirus, air quality has completely proliferated the discourse when it comes to talking about healthier spaces. However, just as there is a ton of information out there, there is also a ton of misconceptions that have developed over time. So, today, we’re looking to debunk some myths on indoor air quality so you can better answer client questions and concerns the next time you’re on a project.

7 Debunked IAQ Myths To Stop Spreading
#1: Outside air is always better.
While this is usually the case, it is not always so. In specific areas of the world where smog and wildfires are prevalent, the air quality outside can sometimes be just as bad, if not worse than indoor air quality. Considering indoor air quality can be up to 5 times more polluted than average outdoor air, that’s very bad.

Aside from those pollutants, however, outside air can contain excess humidity and allergens in certain seasons which also affect air quality. And during the winter in certain regions, outdoor air can also be exceedingly dry, leading to worsening air quality once again.

Even with a system that’s pulling outdoor air into the home, it’s still vital to have filtration technology in place to freshen the air and reduce particulates.

#2: Air quality monitoring technology increases energy consumption.
The idea is that the “always on” aspect of monitoring consumes more energy than it saves. Not so. Efficient and connected building technology makes it easier for experts to help builders install eco-friendly HVAC systems. It also helps homeowners and building managers make more efficient decisions regarding their indoor air quality.

In fact, air quality monitoring is a major step in making a more energy-efficient and sustainable building.

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