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Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Sales Set to Rebound after COVID-19-induced Blip, Future Market Insights

The air quality monitoring equipment market will experience a twofold revenue surge by 2029, reveals Future Market Insights.

Deteriorating air quality has attracted major concerns by governments across the world, who are leaving no stone unturned to curb pollution levels. The WHO estimates that nearly 7 million casualties arise due to poor air quality, with 90% of the people inhaling noxious atmospheric air.

In response, strict regulations have been effected by legal entities as well as launched campaigns such as the Clean Air Initiative. Such trends are motivating air quality monitoring equipment manufacturers to increase their footprint through aggressive production and marketing strategies. They are accelerating both outdoor and indoor air-quality monitoring equipment.

“The influx of automation, AI and IoT has compelled vendors to revamp their production outlook, prompting them to introduce tech-enabled devices which enable real-time air quality monitoring,” concludes the FMI analyst.

Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Market- Competitive Landscape

The air quality monitoring equipment market comprises of the following players: LumaSense Technologies, ENVEA Group, SKC Ltd, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ecotech, Vaisala, TSI Incorporated, Honeywell International, Opsis AB, PCE Instruments, Oizom Instruments and Aeroqual Limited among others. These players emphasize primarily on product innovation to acquire a competitive edge.

Besides innovations, vendors also concentrate on forging partnerships and collaborations with other players to expand their portfolios. A case in point is the acquisition of Colormetric Laboratories Inc. (CLI) by SKC Ltd to provide workplace air quality monitoring solutions. SKC also launched the HAZ-DUST 7204 Particulate Monitor for gravimetric sampling and concurrent dust monitoring.

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