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Is ‘Big Brother’ Watching Me or My Back?

Wireless hazardous gas detection

With the technology available today, you’ve probably thought a time or two, “Who is watching me?” Let’s get real for a moment. Someone is monitoring some aspect of someone’s life, somewhere. The question is, for what purpose? Well, now that I’ve got your conspiracy theory gears going, let’s shift those gears and talk about the positive use for this technology: preserving life.

A hazardous gas monitor that can alert you of hazardous conditions, record user and site data, communicate with nearby devices, and signal for help is not a bad thing! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The untrusting sort may believe this data is being collected for future use against them—to track their whereabouts and determine whether or not they are working, whether or not the gas detector is turned on, so on and so forth. Well, if we’re talking about confined space entry or continuous monitoring, the gas detector gad better be turned on! What you may or may not be doing while you’re on the clock is irrelevant in this article.

Many strong relationships are formed in the workplace, and people spend many years growing older working side by side—spending time with each other’s families at parties, picnics, holidays, school events, etc. We become close, like family, and far too often, a single fatality on the job becomes a tragedy with multiple casualties because of improper emergency response due to those relationships. If your best friend, whom you’ve known for years, suddenly fell over in a confined space, how would you respond? Would you rush in to save him or her? Our gut reaction is to save those we care for; it’s our nature.

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