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ENMET April 2017 Newsletter

Monitoring Ethanol in Distilleries
ENMET 1-8 Channel Controllers with
EX-Series Explosion Proof Sensor/Transmitters

LC-8 Controller with EX-5120 Sensor/Transmitter


Preventing an Explosive or Flammable Safety Hazard
There are over 1,300 craft distilleries throughout the United States and it is predicted that there will be another 1,000 startups in the next 5 years. Every distillery has the potential risk of creating an explosive environment during the distilling process when ethanol is produced. Ethanol is a highly flammable liquid, and when released into the air produces a flammable vapor. An explosive or flammable safety hazard can develop when ethanol is released from leaks in tanks, casks or equipment such as transfer pumps, pipes and flexible hoses.

ENMET offers several creative gas detection solutions for monitoring ethanol in distilleries. A simple and popular system includes our EX-5120 explosion proof sensor/transmitter with a NDIR sensor, communicating with one of ENMET’s LC-Series or CP-Series controllers using 4-20mA output. The controllers have audio and visual alarms and continuously display the concentration of ethanol in the area. These systems include alarm relays that can trigger auxiliary ventilation systems. The EX-5120 continuously monitors for ethanol and can be remotely placed near the greatest potential risk of exposure. The controller can be located in an area where personnel will be quickly alerted if the ethanol level exceeds the set alarm points.  Typically for this application, alarms are set at 20% and 50% LEL ethanol.  ENMET offers several controller options that can monitor from one to eight channels. We can customize a system to meet your requirements whether you have a small area requiring just a few monitoring locations or a large area requiring several 8-channel systems. Contact our ENMET Sales Team today to find out more about our solutions for monitoring ethanol.

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