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ENMET as a Leader in Industrial Hygiene 2020

ENMET offers a complete line of compressed airline monitoring and filtration systems for many applications including monitoring and filtering supplied breathing air, monitoring and testing medical compressed air systems, and monitoring compressed air in manufacturing and industrial processes. Our compressed airline products meet OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air and NFPA 99 “Medical Air System Guidelines”.

AirGuard is our next-generation portable breathing air system which meets NFPA and OSHA Grade D breathing air requirements. AirGuard provides comprehensive data log records and uses an audio alarm and large external color display to communicate warnings, threats, and data collection. It integrates a three-stage filter system which removes oil, water, particulate matter and odors with Carbon Monoxide, differential Dew Point and CFM flow sensors. AirGuard is available in a variety of CFM capacities, with multi-port line connections and fitting types allowing ease of compatibility with breathing air accessories. AirGuard regulates, purifies and monitors supplied breathing air which conforms to UL 61010-1, and is certified to CSA C22.2 #61010-1 product safety requirements.

CO-GUARD Compressed Airline Monitor
The CO-GUARD Compressed Airline Monitor is a carbon monoxide (CO) airline monitor for compressed breathing air

CO-GUARD is a compact, easy to install and operate continuous compressed airline carbon monoxide monitor that meets OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air. The instrument is specifically designed for trouble-free operation, utilizing and electrochemical carbon monoxide (CO) sensor with a life expectancy of up to three years.

MedAir 2200 Compressed Airline Monitor
MedAir 2200 Compressed Airline Monitor is a hospital medical air compressed airline monitor for CO, CO2, O2 and dew point

The MedAir 2200 is specifically designed for medical air systems monitoring. This system is typically configured to monitor hospital compressed air for carbon monoxide, oxygen and dew point. MedAir 2200 is designed to meet OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air, NFPA 99 “Medical Air System Guidelines” and is UL 60601-1 and CSA 60601-1; 22.2 approved.

Our most advanced airline monitor, ProAir 2200, is capable of monitoring up to four gases simultaneously. The ProAir 2200 has the key advantage of being able to be configured for a wider group of hazardous gases that may be present in compressed air. It is also UL/CSA approved for medical breathing air.

MATRIX & MATRIX-Plus Portable Gas Detector
MATRIX & MATRIX-Plus are 8-channel gas monitors for medical gas verification

ENMET’s MATRIX is a transportable self-contained system for verification of hospital gases to ensure compliance with NFPA 99. This eight channel multi-sensor system monitors CP, CO2 (ppm and % by Vol.), O2, CH4, N2O, Trace Hydrocarbons, Anesthesia Gases and Dew Point. MATRIX Plus offers data logging which allows for data to be displayed on a PC via a USB connection.

Compressed air is used in more than 70 percent of all manufacturing activities including supplying breathing air to personnel using supplied air respirators. Hazardous breathing conditions exist in many routine industrial operations, such as chemical manufacturing, hospitals, sand blasting, paint spraying, industrial cleaning, and welding. In these and other operations that introduce contaminants into the workplace, supplied-air respirators, air filtration systems and carbon monoxide monitors are frequently used for worker protection. Contact ENMET today and find out more about our complete line of compressed air monitoring and filtration systems.



ENMET has been providing quality gas detection equipment for 50 years. Meeting the needs of an extremely diverse market over the years, ENMET specializes in medical air, environmental and industrial health and safety monitoring instruments. Products range from compressed airline monitors and continuous systems to our new autonomous gas chromatograph for facility and community monitoring where chemical speciation is critical. Contact ENMET today to find out more about our specialized products that fit your needs.

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