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ENMET August 2017 Newsletter – See the MATRIX at MGPHO Conference 2017

Multi-Channel Gas Monitor
for Medical Gas Verification
  • Real-time monitoring for 8 gases
  • Faster station analysis
  • Easily transportable and durable case
  • Battery operated (12 hrs)
  • Optional datalogger
  • Complete field testing in one instrument

Come see us at the 16th Annual
Medical Gas Educational Conference!
October 2nd-4th,  Las Vegas

Be sure to visit ENMET at MGPHO’s (Medical Gas Professional Healthcare Organization) annual educational conference. We will be displaying our MATRIX, a multi-sensor transportable medical gas testing system designed for field usage by medical gas verifiers. The MATRIX medical gas verifier is designed for the real-time testing and verification of hospital gases to ensure compliance with NFPA 99.
The MATRIX offers the operator two key advantages. First, it reduces the time to complete a full analysis on location. Secondly, it avoids the complexity of using single purpose instruments. The MATRIX uses an eight channel multi-sensor system to monitor the following gases: Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide (ppm & % by Vol.), Oxygen, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Trace Hydrocarbons, Anesthesia Gases and Dew Point.
This transportable instrument is fully self-contained and able to operate on-site for 12 hours with no external support requirements. The real-time analysis data is displayed on the front LCD panels, which have integral alarm concentration indicators and loss of flow alarms.
The MATRIX Plus offers a data logging option allowing the analysis data to be displayed on a PC via a USB connection. Additionally, the MATRIX Plus can be configured with a sampling pump for those applications which are not pressurized.  ENMET’s MATRIX system is medical gas verification made simple! Contact our ENMET Sales Team today for additional information.

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Check out MGPHO’s website
for more information on the Conference:

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