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ENMET December 2015 e-Newsletter


Multi-sensor gas analyzer  
CO ● CO2 ● O2 ● CH4 ● N2O
Dew Point
Trace Hydrocarbons ● Anesthesia Gases
Data Logging Capability
Multi-Channel Gas Analyzer for Medical Gas Verification Analysis

The MATRIX medical gas verifier is designed for the real time analysis and verification of hospital gases to ensure compliance with NFPA Method 99. This transportable multi-sensor system is fully self-contained and able to operate on site for 12 hours with no external support requirements. The MATRIX has detection capabilities to simultaneously monitor carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, nitrous oxide, trace hydrocarbons, anesthesia gases, and dew point. The MATRIX-PLUS includes an internal sample pump, a USB port and real time data logging capability.

Get a Discount on a New ENMET System

Through 2015 ENMET is offering a trade-in discount on several of our fixed systems. If you replace an old ENMET monitor with a new ENMET model we will give you a discount off of your purchase price.  Contact your ENMET Sales Representative for more details.

Happy Holidays from All of Us at ENMET!

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