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ENMET February 2017 Newsletter

ENMET was recently approached by an oil refinery requesting a breathing air system that not only required monitoring Carbon Monoxide (CO), but also oxygen (O2), lower level hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). The system was to be used in a toxic, multi-work zone, requiring a Class I, Div 2 rating. ENMET engineers designed a custom breathing air system that utilizes an ENMET ProAir 2200 Compressed Airline Breathing Monitor, an ENMET EX-5175 Sensor Transmitter, and a purge component that flushes nitrogen through the monitoring system to give it a Class I, Div 2 rating. This system also includes ENMET’s AFS-100 air filtration system, that removes oils, water and solid particulates. Once again, we collaborated with our client and designed a custom system to meet their unique requirements. This system is another example of ENMET’s Creative Gas Detection Solutions at work.  Contact our ENMET Sales Team today and let us design a system that fits your needs.

ENMET’s Trade Show Schedule 2017:
March 23: Texas City ISA Trade Show, Texas City, TX
June 5-8: A&WMA (Air & Waste Management Association Annual Conference & Exhibition), Pittsburgh, PA
June 18-22: ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers Professional Development Conference & Exposition), Denver, CO
October 2-4: MGPHO (Medical Gas Professional Healthcare Organization), Las Vegas, NV
November 6-9: ISA (Process Control & Safety Symposium), Houston, TX 

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