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ENMET July 2018 Newsletter – The Hazards of Formaldehyde Exposure

Formaldemeter htV-M Formaldehyde Monitor

Portable Direct Reading Formaldehyde Monitor
Formaldemeter htV-m

Formaldehyde is an organic compound that can adopt several different forms and at room temperature is a flammable gaseous substance that is highly toxic to humans. It is used in many different industries for various purposes such as an adhesive resin, an ingredient in glues, a preservative in medical laboratories, embalming fluid, sterilizing and disinfecting. Employees working with formaldehyde are at risk with short-term exposure causing irritation to the eyes, soreness, coughing, shortness of breath, headaches and nausea. Long-term exposure causes chronically impaired lung function, skin hardening, swelling and flaking, dermatitis, allergic eczema and cancer. For most people, irritation from formaldehyde is temporary and reversible.

It is important to carefully monitor and regularly check formaldehyde concentrations in the air at facilities using formaldehyde to ensure employees are not exposed to dangerous levels. The Formaldemeter htV-m precisely measures formaldehyde concentrations in parts per million (ppm) and mg/m3 under extremes of temperature and humidity. It can be used as a portable hand-held instrument or as a continuous monitoring device capable of up to one month of data-logging. The built-in memory and real time clock enables the Formaldemeter htV-m to log all three parameters and corresponding times, allowing improved monitoring and analysis opportunities. Contact our ENMET Sales Team today for more information on formaldehyde monitors

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July Newsletter from ENMET

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