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ENMET July 2017 Newsletter

Gas Sampling Monitor
with Internal Sample Pump
  • Continuous Monitoring with internal and remote sensors
  • Custom Configured with up to 4 sensors
  • Can Monitor for a Wide Range of Hazardous Gases including Reactive Gases
Gas Sampling Monitor with Capability of Internal and Remote Sensors
ENMET’s GSM-60 is a versatile hazardous gas monitoring system, designed with an internal sampling pump. It has the capability of using both internal sensors and remote sensor transmitters to continuously monitor up to four gases. The instrument is capable of utilizing an array of sensor technologies, infrared (IR), electrochemical (EC), photoionization detector (PID), metal oxide semiconductor (MOS), and catalytic (CAT). GSM-60 can be configured to monitor a wide range of chemicals in ambient air including VOCs, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, trace hydrocarbons, as well as many toxic and industrial gases. Additionally, GSM-60 is capable of monitoring reactive gases such as arsine, chlorine dioxide, ethylene oxide, hydrogen fluoride and ozone. The system is designed for monitoring ambient air in difficult environments including headspaces of tanks, HVAC ductwork, VOC scrubber exhausts and wastewater treatment plants. GSM-60 has been used in a variety of industrial applications from medical and pharmaceutical to aerospace and process manufacturing. GSM-60 can be easily custom configured to meet your specific gas detection requirements. Contact our ENMET Sales Team today for additional information on the GSM-60 and let us design a system that fits your needs.

ENMET’s Trade Show Schedule 2017:
October 2-4: MGPHO (Medical Gas Professional Healthcare Organization), Las Vegas, NV
November 7-11: Air Quality Measurement Methods & Technology, Long Beach, CA

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