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ENMET June 2017 Newsletter

Check Out our New Product Videos on ENMET’s YouTube Channel
Recently, we have been working on creating new videos to provide our customers with helpful product information and calibration procedures on some of our most popular instruments. Check out our new videos on ENMET’s YouTube Channel and please give us a “thumbs up” if you like what you see!
MATRIX Product Overview Video:
This video is an informational video on ENMET’s MATRIX system and its special features.  The MATRIX is a multi-channel portable medical gas verification system designed specifically for Medical Gas Verifiers. Check out the video for more information on this unique instrument.
MATRIX Set-up Procedure Video:
This quick video demonstrates the set-up of the MATRIX medical gas verifier. It explains the initial set-up of a MATRIX system and can also be referred to every time the MATRIX is being used in the field to ensure proper start-up of the instrument.
CO-GUARD Product Overview Video
This product overview video discusses the features of the CO-GUARD carbon monoxide (CO) monitor. The CO-GUARD is one of our most popular compact compressed airline CO monitors that meets OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air.
CO-GUARD Calibration Video:
This video walks through the calibration process for ENMET’s CO-GUARD. The CO-GUARD compressed airline carbon monoxide (CO) monitor is well known for its compact design, ease of use, long-life sensor and simple calibration procedure.
AFS-50 Product Overview Video:
This product overview video explains the AFS-50 air filtration system in detail. The video also mentions the unique features of the AFS-100 and shows options such as a mounting plate, protective enclosures and adding a CO-GUARD CO monitor to the system.

ENMET’s Trade Show Schedule 2017:
October 2-4: MGPHO (Medical Gas Professional Healthcare Organization), Las Vegas, NV
November 7-8: Air Quality Measurement: Methods & Technology, Long Beach, CA

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