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ENMET March 2018 Newsletter – Effective Process and Breathing Air Quality Control Solutions

AFS-50 and ProAir 2200 

There are many applications where a customer is required to filter and continuously monitor compressed air for more than one hazard. The ProAir 2200 and AFS-50 system can be used together for either process air or breathing air in a wide variety of industrial applications from aerospace to pharmaceutical. The AFS-50 filtration system removes oil, water, solid particles and odors from a compressed airline system. The ProAir 2200 is designed to continuously and simultaneously monitor up to four gases. The ProAir 2200 can be custom configured to monitor a variety of hazardous gases present in compressed air, including carbon monoxide, oxygen, dew point, carbon dioxide, VOCs, trace hydrocarbons and many others. Consider using ENMET’s AFS-50 filtration system paired with the ProAir 2200 compressed airline system for a complete filtration and air quality monitoring system to meet your specific needs. Contact our ENMET Sales Team today for more information.

ENMET’s Trade Show Schedule 2018:
May 15-16: TCEQ (Texas Commission on  Environmental Quality), Austin, TX
June 25-28: A&WMA (Air & Waste Management Association Annual Conference & Exhibition), Hartford, CT
September  17-19: Best Practices Expo, Chicago, IL
October 3-4: MGPHO (Medical Gas Professional Healthcare Organization), Atlanta, GA

March Newsletter from ENMET

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