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mGC Portable chemical detector measuring sub ppm levels
mGC (pictured above)
mini Gas Chromatograph
  • Handheld Portable Monitor
  • OSHA Compliance Reporting
  • Specific Gas Detection
  • Sub ppm Levels
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Portable Workplace Detector for Trace Toxic Chemicals
ENMET’s new mGC (mini Gas Chromatograph) chemical specific portable instrument is designed to detect threat chemicals below the OSHA permissible exposure limits in the industrial workplace for worker safety. This handheld monitor improves information collected from traditional multi-gas survey instruments by providing details about the chemical composition of the sample. It quickly takes a sample in a few seconds so the operator does not dwell in the hazardous area. The mGC avoids the analysis delays associated with sample tube collection methods. It automatically collects a data log which records each analysis providing record of all measurement results. The mGC is economical to sustain in the field, providing an advanced yet simple solution for hazardous area identification and OSHA compliance reporting. Contact our ENMET Sales Team today for additional information on the mGC or any of our new GC products.

ENMET Provides Webinars on our GC Products
We are pleased to provide our customers with product webinars explaining our unique and exciting new GC products. Our webinars give you background information on the detection technology that provides relevant detection thresholds for EPA Method 325. We explain the data collecting and analysis process, and show you how these products are an economical and cost effective way to provide EPA compliance monitoring and reporting. Our current webinars focus on the eGC® (environmental Gas Chromatograph), our exclusive fenceline monitor for benzene, and the mGC (mini Gas Chromatopraph), our portable handheld monitor. Contact ENMET today to schedule a webinar and learn more about our cost effective GC products for OSHA and EPA compliance monitoring and reporting.

ENMET Provides Rental and Leasing Programs
ENMET has partnered with ENMET Financial Services, which now offers rental and leasing options for several of our instruments, including Matrix Gas Verifier and Gas Chromatography (GC) instruments.  We recognize the financial investment that customers must make when purchasing gas detection equipment and want to ease that burden by offering monthly rental agreements and long-term leasing. Please contact ENMET corporate offices at 734-761-1270 to learn more about this new program.

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