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Enmet November/December 2018 Newsletter – Medical Air Monitoring & Quality Verification

Designed for Compliance with NFPA Medical Air Systems Guidelines


Check out the article “Medical Air Monitoring and Quality Verification, in Compressed Air Best Practices Magazine October 2018 issue. This interview article features ENMET’s president, Norman Davis, Jr., who discusses ENMET’s products designed to meet medical air systems requirements in hospitals and medical facilities. It features ENMET’s MedAir 2200 compressed airline monitor and the MATRIX medical gas verification system. The article includes an interview with Corky Bishop of APEX Medical Gas Systems, who discusses the importance of Medical Gas Verifiers. Many of ENMET’s medical air monitoring systems are designed to ensure compliance with NFPA 99 Medical Air Systems Guidelines and OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air.  Contact our ENMET Sales Team today for more information on our Medical Air System Products.


Happy Holidays from All of Us at ENMET!


November/December Newsletter from ENMET

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