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ENMET October 2018 Newsletter – Compressed Air Monitoring and Filtration for Grade D Breathing Air

AFS-100 and CO-GUARD

At ENMET we are always looking for innovative solutions to help our customers meet their specific gas detection or compressed air monitoring requirements. ENMET’s compressed airline monitoring and filtration systems offer excellent solutions for meeting OSHA Grade D breathing air monitoring requirements for compressed breathing air. For customers requiring a breathing air filtration system with multiple connections, the AFS-100 can supply 100 CFM, allowing uniform distribution for up to 5 supplied-air respirators. We can pair the AFS-100 and a CO-GUARD, carbon monoxide (CO) airline monitor, with the option of mounting the system on a back plate, providing workers with high quality supplied breathing air from a compressor. This system will monitor for CO and the filtration component will remove oil, water, solid particles and odors from the compressed airline system. Consider using ENMET’s compressed air filtration and air quality monitoring systems to meet your specific needs. Contact our ENMET Sales Team today for more information.

October Newsletter from ENMET

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