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Gas Sensor Market Size to Reach USD 1795.9 Million by 2025 Growing at 8.66% CAGR

Gas sensors, also known as gas detectors, are electronic devices used to detect the presence or concentration of gases in the atmosphere. Gas sensors are used in vast applications ranging from industries to monitor the concentration of the toxic gases, mines to check the concentration of gases, and oil rig locations to monitor the concentration of released gases to air quality check at offices, households & hotels to detect the gas leak or fire to avoid further emergencies, air conditioners to monitor the CO2 levels, and in breath analyzers to detect alcohol levels.

Government regulations and emission control standards for industrial sectors bolster the growth of the gas sensor market. Increasing adoption in HVAC systems and implementation and formulation of different safety and health regulations worldwide add to the global gas sensors market growth. Rising smart city projects worldwide create a substantial gas sensor market demand to monitor air quality and pollution levels.

Moreover, the increasing use of gas sensors in the medical domain to monitor and detect a number of conditions creates substantial market opportunities. Gas sensors are extensively used in lung function diagnosis, ventilator monitoring system, breathe monitoring system, patient monitoring system, and more.

Besides, increasing gas sensor applications in the defense & military industry, favorable government regulations & policies for sensor manufacturing, and growing demand in consumer electronics propel the market growth.

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