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Hazardous Gas Detection and its Role in Functional Safety

hazardous gas detection

IGD are often asked by prospective clients if it’s necessary to have a hazardous gas detection system and if so how does it fit into their risk mitigation scheme. Whatever the facility and activities being undertaken, risk assessments will be undertaken to analyze risks and evaluate how to eliminate and minimize them. There are many methods and approaches to do this, and they’re well documented with many standards, guides, codes of practice and courses available. However, risk assessment and mitigation can still be a minefield particularly when your main role is the management of a facility and your background is a completely different discipline. The goal of this article is not to repeat what has already been written by others. For an approach to risk assessment the best starting point is the HSE website which provides sound guidance and best practice. The aim with this article is to consider the role that gas detection plays as part of an overall safety scheme.

Functional Safety Overview

When thinking about your facility and assessing risks you will consider if processes have to be undertaken and if materials have to be used. If so then control of the process and materials in a safe manner will be of paramount importance. There are three basics to consider as far as gases and vapors are concerned

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