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Hazardous Industries That Need Gas Detection Monitoring

Of all occupational hazards, gases are considered silent killers. You can’t see, feel, or sometimes smell them, but they’re lurking around in the workplace. These substances endanger your employees, causing injuries, illnesses, and even accidental death.
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The following industries are among those that face hazardous exposure every day:
Mining and Quarrying
While naturally occurring gases are essential to life, some can quickly rob you of yours. These substances are typically found underground, and they’re one of the deadliest occupational hazards for miners and metalworkers. When inhaled, they cause asphyxia and chronic respiratory illness. Some are even flammable and explode when exposed to high temperatures.
In excavation sites, methane (CH4) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) are notable hazards. They’re highly combustible, and most fires and coal mine explosions result from their ignition. These have been the leading cause of death for thousands of workers throughout the history of mining.
Chemical Refining
Oils pressed or extracted from plants and other sources are refined before industrial use, such as cosmetic or pharmaceutical applications. Contaminants like free fatty acids, pro-oxidants, and phosphatides must be removed to make the final product safe for human consumption.
To do this, the industry uses an array of chemicals like ammonia (NH3) and chlorine (Cl2). As toxic gases, their levels must be kept to a minimum to protect workers. NH3 and Cl2 react explosively when combined with certain substances.
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