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Industrial Safety Sensors Market – Global Forecast on Product Segmentation and Opportunity Assessment

Industrial safety sensors are used to reduce workplace accidents. These sensors detect the presence of humans within a specified area and reduce the possibilities of accidents. Safety light curtains, safety light scanners, and safety edges are the product considered for estimating the market size. Safety light curtains and safety laser scanners use an array of the infrared beam within the specified area to check for any human presence.

Global industrial safety light curtains market

The use of safety light curtains in presses, winders, stamping, riveting, forming, and automated manufacturing plants contributed the industrial safety light curtains segment to gain the highest share in the global industrial safety sensors market in 2016. The implementation of safety sensors facilitated the manufacturing industry to adhere to safety norms and regulations laid by the local regulatory bodies.

According to Bharath Palada, a lead automation research analyst from Technavio, “Safety light curtains consists of a transmitter that projects infrared rays and a receiver that includes a photoelectric cell for capturing any movement of obstacle between the safety system. These infrared rays are transmitted at a specific frequency, and the receivers are also designed to receive only the signals transmitted by the dedicated transmitter.”

Global industrial safety laser scanner market

The global safety laser scanners market also has high revenue due to the demand from manufacturing plants. Safety laser scanners is an electro-sensitive device used to reduce accidents within a work environment. These devices constantly monitor the guarded area, and if any objects enter within the warning area, it alerts the workers through a siren or light and the functioning of the machines halts.

“Safety laser scanners are easier to program and install as no separate receiving and reflecting elements are required for these devices. These are mainly used for access control, area control, and measurement of object size, shape, and position. They can also be mounted on an automatic guided vehicle and installed vertically for creating an access protection,” says Bharath.

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