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Innovative Partnerships and Regulatory Mandates Popularize Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Popularize Air Quality Monitoring Systems

The very air we breathe in is of a vital essence for all human beings on the earth. With the advent of time, the quality of air in the environment has deteriorated owing to several polluting factors. The global pollution levels are reaching mammoth levels and raising serious concerns over the quality of air we breathe in. A significant rise in the number of chemical, oil & gas, power, pharmaceuticals, and automotive industries have propelled the need to keep close tabs on the pollution levels. The air quality monitoring market is expanding rapidly to meet these demands
Popularize Air Quality Monitoring Systems

The rapid rate of industrialization has contributed to the rise in pollution levels. Many governments and regulatory bodies are making the deployment of air quality monitors a mandate in various commercial and industrial complexes. Moreover, the enhanced awareness among people about the hazards of indoor air pollution has augmented the demand for domestic air quality monitors. The entire air quality monitors market is expected to earn $6,889 million by 2022. According to expert analysts at Allied Market Research, the industry will exhibit a growth of 9.2% during the period 2016–2022. This points towards a dynamic market landscape in the immediate future.
Tech partnerships: Fueling market dynamics
Close monitoring of the air and its levels of pollutants, dust, and toxicity has become essential for governments of major cities. This is mainly due to concerns by world environmental regulatory bodies who are stressing on the significance of clear quality air. The need for systems that monitor the levels of different pollutants in the air and relay these data to surveying systems has pushed the demand for efficient and precise air monitoring systems. Many manufacturers in the market are adopting different strategies to stay ahead of their game. By incorporating the latest technology and software in the monitor systems, their product offerings are providing a dynamic competitive landscape. The use of software applications triggered by the smartphone and devices trend has also gained popularity.

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