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Leak Detection: For Safety’s Sake

Commercial and industrial structures are rife with an assortment of environmental concerns that could, at any time, cause untold problems. Examples include low temperature, high water levels, potentially volatile or life-threatening (toxic) gases, fires, and explosions. Whether it’s a small or large apartment building; a four-story, multi-purpose structure; a factory; an office high-rise; or some other type of edifice, the environmental conditions within each one can require constant monitoring.

The need for adequate, timely gas and water leakage detection in commercial facilities, for example, is important from two perspectives. First, prolonged exposure to leaking water can adversely affect the integrity of a building’s foundation and various other construction materials. Secondly, in many cases prolonged exposure, especially where it involves a toxic gas, can be detrimental to the health of those who live, work, and visit there.

Common detection and reporting methods could include one or more purpose-specific, single-point or air-sampling (aspirator) gas detection technologies, in addition to low-temperature detectors and water sensors. Special software solutions also make it possible to collect, analyze, report, and store usage, inspection, and leakage data. Where real-time monitoring is involved, this may include the issuance of a variation of alerts using a local mass notification system with or without an online connection.

As you can well imagine, there’s an electronic solution for every conceivable scenario. Although we won’t be able to cover each and every one, we’ll discuss a few of the more common sensors and cutting-edge systems that manage them. We’ll examine the important part they play in facility safety, construction viability, and some of the high-tech solutions used to reduce the cost of implementation, going maintenance, and day-to-day monitoring.

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