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Creative Gas Detection Solutions
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Markets and Solutions

Aerospace and Defense

AS9100 Certified
Jet Fuel Leak Detectors
Pilot Oxygen Air Monitors
Cabin Air Quality

Medical Gas Monitoring

Meets OSHA requirements for breathing air
Measures carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, nitrous oxide, anesthesia and more


Ensure safety of plant/factory workers
Ambient air analyzers
Compressed airline monitors
Fixed Instruments
Portable hand-held instruments

Oil, Gas and Refineries

Maintain a safe workplace environment
OSHA/EPA compliance
eGC® trace toxic chemical monitor
Real-time monitoring


Prevent contaminated air contact
Ensure quality and safety of compressed air
Monitor up to four gases in real-time

Wastewater Treatment

Prevent worker exposure
Single or multi-channel instruments
Monitors chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, methane and more


Environmental ambient air monitoring
Real-time monitoring and reporting
Maintain safe workplace environment

Hazardous Gas Monitoring

Maintain safe work environment
Prevent worker exposure
Ability to custom design sensor arrays per requirements

Fenceline Monitoring

Accurate & reliable trace ambient air analysis
Proper EPA compliance monitoring/reporting
GC monitors designed for refineries

Safety Compliance Monitoring

Help meet requirements mandated by OSHA, EPA, and others.

Confined Space Safety Monitoring

Portable or fixed multi-gas detection for confined spaces
Can be installed with integral or remote sensors
Early warning of hazardous conditions

Compressed and Respiratory Air

Monitoring of supplied breathing air
Hospital air systems
Manufacturing compressed air
Meets OSHA requirements

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