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ENMET provides gas analyzers for environmental ambient air monitoring and detecting of toxic chemicals in and around your facility. Furthermore, our chemically specific instruments provide real-time monitoring and reporting of a chemical exposure.  Therefore enables your staff to respond to the situation quickly and accordingly.  In addition, our GC products are designed to help maintain a safe workplace environment within your facility and provide a real-time cost effective solution for monitoring trace toxic chemicals in field applications.  Our eGC®, autonomous environmental analyzer provides fenceline detection of benzene in sub ppb in accordance with EPA Method 325A/B.

EX-5185 Gas Monitoring - Sensor Transmitter

EX-5185 PID Toxic Hydrocarbons & Organic Solvents Sensor

The EX-5185 features photoionization (PID) gas sensor technology. It can be used to detect many different hydrocarbons, organic gases and some inorganic gases.

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