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New miniature electrochemical gas sensors for industrial safety

DD-Scientific recently unveiled a new range of high-performance products designed for industrial safety applications. The DceL suite of products deliver industry leading robustness and performance for the measurement of toxic gases and oxygen but are provided in an ultra-compact package which can enable detector size reduction.

The newly launched products were inspired by numerous discussions with DD-Scientific customers who have become accustomed to the high quality of their products but were seeking further miniaturisation. According to Martin Kelly, R&D Manager, “Our customers are committed to providing greater ergonomics and increased functionality in new instrument developments. The DceL has been developed to meet their needs; the smaller size of the sensors allows much greater flexibility to provide smaller gas detectors or provide additional space for longer battery life or other features.”

Traditionally, reducing the size of electrochemical sensors results in a compromise on performance or longevity, but the DceL has been designed to overcome these limitations. The internal volume of the sensors accommodates the same ratio of electrolyte found in larger DD-Scientific sensors and the use of existing electrode technology ensures the same responsiveness to gas and low drift performance throughout their working life. The sensors have been subjected to extreme environmental conditions over long periods of time with no reduction in speed of response or linearity.

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