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Portable air quality monitoring station installed in Montecito

Portable Air Quality Station

MONTECITO, Calif – The Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District installed a portable monitoring station Friday afternoon in the hills above mud-impacted Montecito.

Experts are now collecting air quality data as the clean-up intensifies throughout the community and debris flow disaster zone.

Aeron Arlin Genet, the County’s Air Pollution Control Officer, told NewsChannel 3 that crucial mud-hauling trucks and cleaning crews are kicking up lots of dust and particulates from the drying mud. Genet said this newly collected information will show the level of particles people are being exposed to in the area, daily.

“It’s (data) collected every hour and it’ll be placed up on our website so everyone, no matter where you are, can go on our website and check out the current conditions where that monitor station is located,” Genet said.

The portable air quality monitor station requires electricity and was temporarily installed at the Montecito Fire Station on San Ysidro Rd.

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