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AirGuard Portable 100 CFM Breathing Air Filtration System

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SKU: AGP-100-8-00-00

Product Page: https://enmet.com/product/airguard-portable-breathing-air-filtration-system-100-cfm-8-airline-connections/


Product Variants

  • AirGuard™ Portable 100 CFM Breathing Air Filtration System - - $0.00

Product Summary

The AirGuard is a portable Grade D breathing air system which meets NFPA and OSHA requirements. It combines a three stage filter system which removes oil, water, particulate matter and odors with Carbon Monoxide, differential Dew Point and CFM flow sensors.

Product Description

AirGuard is ENMET's innovative next-generation solution for OSHA Grade D compressed breathing air requirements that integrates breathing air filtration with sensors for CO and differential dew point.  AirGuard is designed for both safety and breathing air comfort.

Product Attributes

  • Hazardous Gas Monitoring: X
  • Hospital Applications: -
  • Safety Compliance: X
  • Industrial: X
  • Oil. Gas & Refineries: X
  • Aerospace & Defense: X
  • Pharmaceutical: X


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