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EX-5155-MOS Toxic Hydrocarbons & Organic Solvents Sensor

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Product Summary

Remote Gas Monitoring Sensor Transmitter for Toxic Hydrocarbons & Organic Solvents

EX-5155 is a remote gas monitoring sensor transmitter that incorporates a solid state MOS sensor. An MOS sensor consists of a heated mixed metal oxide element that decreases in resistance in the presence of many gases and vapors. These sensors are broad range in their response characteristics. Different types of MOS sensors are available which can be optimized for a particular gas, but they are inherently nonspecific. The EX-5155 can provide ppm level monitoring capability for detecting certain common toxic gases, including ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), in addition to a wide range of hydrocarbons and organic solvents. MOS sensors operate at lower temperatures than catalytic type sensors, which makes them less prone to poisoning. The MOS sensor is therefore the sensor of choice in applications where, for example, lead, phosphates or sulfur-containing compounds are present. Silicones, which are used in a wide range of oils, lubricants, adhesives, and many other products, can poison catalytic sensors and also influence the performance of MOS sensors under certain conditions. Applications for monitoring of hydrocarbon gases where silicones are present in the environment should be discussed with ENMET.

The EX-5155 sensor transmitter operates on 24 VDC power and features three LED alarm point indicators and 4-20 mA output. This sensor transmitter can be connected to various single and multi-channel ENMET controllers or computer-based instrumentation, such as PLCs, SCADAs, BMSs, etc.

Product Description

The EX-5155 utilizes an MOS sensor. These sensors arebroad range in their response characteristics.

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