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MATRIX and MATRIX-PLUS Portable Gas Detector

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Product Summary

Medical Gas Verification – Made Simple

A Multi-Sensor Transportable Analyzer for Medical Gas Verifier/Certifier Field Usage

The MATRIX medical gas verifier is designed for the real-time analysis and verification of hospital gases to ensure compliance with NFPA 99.

The MATRIX offers the operator two key advantages:

The MATRIX uses an (8) channel multi-sensor system to simultaneously monitor the following gases:

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Dioxide



Nitrous Oxide

Trace Hydrocarbons

Anesthesia Gases

Dew Point

The MATRIX is a transportable instrument that is fully self-contained and able to operate on-site for 12 hours with no external support requirements. The real-time analysis data is displayed on the front LCD panels, which have integral alarm concentration indicators and loss of flow alarms.

The MATRIX Plus offers a data logging option which allows the analysis data to be displayed on a PC via a USB connection. This permits the real-time data to be displayed in a graphical plot. The data log can be archived with a location file name for use in reports. Additionally, the MATRIX Plus can be configured with a sampling pump for those applications which are not pressurized.

Product Description

The MATRIX medical gas verifier is designed forthe real-time analysis and verification of hospitalgases to ensure compliance with NFPA 99.

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