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Creative Gas Detection Solutions
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Compressed Airline Monitors/Respiratory Air Monitors

Compact air monitors and filtration systems that are easy to operate and check for a variety of gases.


Gas Sensor/Transmitters

Low-maintenance sensors that provide long-term stability, fast response and critical accuracy.


Fixed Systems/Stationary Monitors

Designed for remote mounting or as an integral component attached to the instrument that needs to be monitored.


GC – Gas Chromatographs

Environmental chemical monitors designed for detecting and measuring trace concentration levels to keep workers safe.

CP-10 5

Controllers with Audio/Visual Alarms

Designed for remote monitoring gas sensor/transmitters, providing audio/visual alarms, relays and other features.

Formaldemeter htV-m

Portable Gas Detectors

Portable handheld gas detectors designed for convenience and versatility. Easy to use and offer a range of capabilities.

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