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VGD Series O2, CO or Other Toxic Gases Sensor

VGD Series O2, CO or Other Toxic Gases Sensor

Vehicle Gas Detector for Oxygen, CO or Other Toxic Gases

with CAN bus Digital Output

The VGD series Sensor/Transmitter utilize electro-chemical type cells to detect the target gas. These cells consist of electrodes, electrolyte and an air/liquid separation barrier. Gas molecules enter the cell and, as a result of an oxidation/reduction reaction, generate an electrical current proportional to the gas concentration. This current is measured, conditioned, and converted to the gas concentration digitally transmitted as a CAN bus beacon output signal. The data is also available for acquisition via RS-485 Modbus RTU. Calibration is handled via a PC interface software. These sensor/transmitters can also be connected to various computer based instrumentation for data acquisition and control.

  • Multi-Message CAN bus digital output beacon for use in monitoring by Vehicle Control System
  • RS-485 digital input/acquisition for calibration
  • Small footprint
  • RFI/EMI resistant
  • Robust integrated mounting flange enclosure
  • Resistant to vehicle shock, vibration and environments/contaminants
  • Replaceable electrochemical sensor
  • Excellent chemical selectivity

Sensor Type: Electrochemical

Input Voltage Range: 9 to 36 VDC

Output: Digital CAN bus (output beacon only)

Connector: MIL Spec Series III circular polarized connector

Current Draw: <50 mA

Humidity Range: 5 to 90% rH, non-condensing

Temperature Range: -22 to +122°F (-30 to +50°C)

Enclosure Material: Solid machined aircraft grade 6061 aluminum

Dimensions, Approx  4.5.x 4.0 x 2.25 inches (114 x 102 x 57 mm)

Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 Kg)

  • Carbon monoxide (CO)

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