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EX-5100 Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor

EX-5100 Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor

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EX-5100 Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor

Remote Gas Monitoring Sensor Transmitter for Combustible Gases 0-100% LEL

EX-5100 is a remote gas monitoring sensor transmitter that incorporates a pellistor or catalytic bead sensor. This sensor consists of a matched pair of elements, one active and the other for compensation. The active bead is coated with a catalyst that, when in contact with a combustible hydrocarbon or solvent, causes the gas or vapor to “burn” or oxidize at concentrations below the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). This oxidization process raises the temperature of the active bead and increases the resistance of the internal wire coil. The second bead does not have the catalytic coating and provides compensation for environmental conditions including temperature and humidity. When these elements are connected in a Wheatstone bridge type circuit, a useable signal is produced that is proportional to the gas concentration.

The standard EX-5100 calibration is 0-100% LEL methane. Therefore, methane is considered to have a coefficient of relative response of (1.00) one. Calibration coefficients relative to methane have been generated for over 30 different combustible hydrocarbons and solvents. In addition to these established coefficients, ENMET can generate calibration data for most common combustible gases and vapors for which a sample can be readily obtained.

The EX-5100 sensor transmitter operates on 24 VDC power and features three LED alarm point indicators, 4-20 mA output and optional alarm relay board. This sensor transmitter can be connected to various single and multi-channel ENMET controllers or computer-based instrumentation, such as PLCs, SCADAs, BMSs, etc.

  • Catalytic Sensor
  • Three alarm LEDs
  • 24 VDC, 4-20 mA
  • NEMA 4X, NEMA 7 and IP66 rated enclosure
  • Poison resistant
  • Rated for harsh environments
  • Long-term stability
  • Liquid crystal display
  • Non-intrusive calibration
  • Designed for Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, & D

Display: Backlit LCD

Alarm Indicators: 3 LEDs at programmable set points

Sensor Type: Catalytic

Sensor Range: 0-100% LEL

Menu/Calibration: Magnet-actuated switches

Voltage: 24 VDC powered

Output: 4-20 mA

Installation: 3-wire

Connection: 1/2 inch NPT, conduit

Humidity Range: 0-100%rH, non-condensing

Temperature Range: -4 to +158°F (-20 to +70°C)

Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 Kg)

  • Acetone (CH3)2CO
  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Benzene (C6H6)
  • Butane (C4H10)
  • Combustible Gas
  • Ethane (C2H6)
  • Ethanol (CH3CH2OH)
  • Ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH)
  • Ethylene (C2H4)
  • Gasoline
  • Heptane (C7H16)
  • Hexane (C6H14)
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Hydrogen (H2)
  • Isobutane (C4H10)
  • Isopropanol (CH3) CHOH
  • Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) (C3H8O)
  • Methane (CH4)
  • Methanol (CH3OH)
  • Methyl alcohol (CH3OH)
  • Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) (C4H8O)
  • Natural Gas
  • Octane (C8H18)
  • Organic solvents
  • Pentane (C5H12)
  • Propane (C3H8)
  • Propylene (C3H6)
  • Solvents
  • Styrene (C8H8)
  • Toluene (C7H8)
  • Trichloroethylene (C2HCl3)
  • Xylene (C8H10)

Calibration Equipment/Replacement Parts/Accessories for EX-5100:

Part No.                 Description

03620-015            Calibration Adapter for EX-5100 Sensor/Transmitters

03045-002            Sampling Adapter for EX-5100

02506-004            Gas Regulator Assembly for 34 liter steel gas cylinders

03070-003            Combustible Gas Sensor for EX-5100

04546-005            Splash Guard for EX-5100

50030-001            Replacement Magnet

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PHONE: 734-761-1270

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Description                                                                                                                                  Part No.

EX-5100 Sensor/Transmitter supplied with magnet and instruction manual                 10014-001

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