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Rescue Air Systems Signs Product Development Agreements With Five Fire Service Industry Leaders

According to Rescue Air:

Exclusive partnerships cement RescueAir’s leadership position in the Firefighter Air Replenishment System (FARS) Industry.

SAN CARLOS, CA — Rescue Air Systems, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS), recently signed product development agreements with five of the leading breathing air equipment manufacturers serving the fire service: Arctic Compressor, EMNET, Eagle Air Breathing Air Systems, Hydraulics International, and Lifeline Firehose.

The agreements represent a strategic alliance between six of the country’s top innovators in fire safety, compressed air equipment, and air delivery systems, and expands RescueAir’s leadership position beyond the FARS industry. Together, the parties will improve existing products, develop new technologies, and manufacture and distribute new products that support life safety for the fire service, business, and industry.

Under the agreements, the partners will each retain sole manufacturing rights. FARS product distribution will flow exclusively through RescueAir’s existing network of certified installers. That network is comprised by dozens of mechanical and fire protection companies across the United States, all of which are currently licensed to use RescueAir technology.

“This is an important step forward for firefighter safety and for our company,” said RescueAir CEO Anthony J. Turiello. “Like us, each of the partners has a track record of innovation, developing products that have become industry standards. Nearly 20 years ago, RescueAir developed and brought to market the world’s first budling-installed breathing air replenishment system for firefighters, a standpipe for air that eliminated the need to hand-carry replacement air bottles up numerous flights of stairs in a high-rise, or deep into large horizontal structures. FARS are now required by code in 20 states, and the number is growing. In collaboration with our five industry partners, we are uniquely positioned to bring smarter, faster, safer, and more efficient products to the fire service, broaden our product line, and continue our commitment to using technology to improve and enhance life safety.”

“ENMET was pleased to be selected as the breathing air monitoring component of the RescueAir Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS) requirement,” said ENMET President Norman Davis. “Our collaboration with RescueAir to build a custom monitoring product produced a world-class solution to make cities safer.”

Hydraulics International President Bahman Seifollahi echoed the long term positive impact of the partnership. “RescueAir has been working in collaboration with Hydraulics International for over a decade,” he said. “Working together, the Hydraulics International and RescueAir teams

have created a unique, system-critical solution for the FARS market which will be a reliable component of the RescueAir FARS system for decades to come. We are excited to be RescueAir’s partner in supporting the life-saving work of first responders.”



Rescue Air Systems is the world’s leading provider of firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS). Founded in 1993, the company was borne out of the ashes of the First Interstate Bank Building fire, one of the most devastating high-rise fires in California history. Hand carrying replacement air bottles to firefighters on upper floors was identified as a major strain on manpower and a serious obstacle to fighting that fire. As a solution, Company founder Anthony Turiello envisioned a building-installed air standpipe system that would deliver air the same way water standpipes deliver water. His innovation, FARS, is a faster, safer and more reliable method for the delivery of life-sustaining air. Today, FARS are required by code in 20 states. Code standards for FARS can be found in the ICC International Fire Code Appendix L.


For more than 30 years, Arctic Compressor has produced and manufactured air compressors that consistently exceed customer expectations. Their customers include federal, state, military, municipal and private fire departments. Arctic Compressor prides itself on being the simple choice for top distributors of fire equipment throughout the country because of their commitment to safety and reliability — where results speak for themselves. Their product portfolio includes fill stations, control panels, cascade systems and carbon monoxide monitors.

ABOUT EMNET/Air Monitoring

Since it was founded in 1970 as Environmental Metrology Corporation, ENMET has been at the forefront of creative gas detection solutions. Meeting the needs of an extremely diverse market over the years, ENMET has earned a reputation for its ability to accommodate specialized applications, providing gas detection solutions with quality products and services that conform to specific customer requirements. ENMET’s focus is to provide innovative solutions utilizing sound engineering and quality manufacturing practices that meet ISO 9001-2015 and AS9100D-2016 requirements.

ABOUT EAGLE AIR BREATHING AIR SYSTEMS/ Rupture Containment Air Fill Stations

EagleAir boasts a longstanding commitment to safety and innovation. In business since 1973, the Company has manufactured breathing air systems that meet or exceed the highest industry standards. Many of EagleAir’s innovations have become industry standards and have improved firefighter safety, including their containment design fill stations and single-appliance breathing air systems. For more than 40 years, they have manufactured high pressure breathing air systems for recharging SCBA and SCUBA cylinders. Their national distributor network includes

only top-quality businesses with the necessary assets to serve their regional markets.


Hydraulics International, Inc. (HII) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of air, electric, hydraulic, and manually driven high-pressure products. They produce 85% of their products internally, thus eliminating dependency on outside sources for quality, reliability, and expediency. Because of their self-sufficiency, they are able to maintain key competitive advantages that include faster response times to engineering and design problems, and reliability of components critical to functionality.

ABOUT LIFELINE FIREHOSE/Breathing Air Delivery Systems

Lifeline Firehose is a new, revolutionary, patented system that offers unlimited breathable air to firefighters. The Lifeline Firehose uses patented coupler design technology to deliver both breathable air for respiration and water for fighting fire, utilizing the buddy breather at the end of the nozzle.

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