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Fenceline Monitoring

Fenceline Monitoring

ENMET’s autonomous benzene fenceline monitors provide accurate and reliable trace ambient air analysis near and around the perimeter of refineries.  Our benzene fenceline detectors help your facility provide proper EPA compliance monitoring and reporting.

ENMET’s new GC (Gas Chromatograph) monitors and detectors are specifically designed for refineries and provide trace level analysis with affordability for point measurement of benzene and similar compounds.  All per relevant detection thresholds for EPA Method 325. Our “eGC® (environmental Gas Chromatograph) trace toxic chemical monitor,” for field applications, provides an accurate and cost effective solution for fenceline benzene detection of sub parts per billion (ppb) in accordance with EPA Method 325A/B. This real-time benzene fenceline monitoring system will help a refinery determine the magnitude and timing of a benzene release at the “fenceline” of the facility to allow for corrective action source mitigation.

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eGC® (environmental Gas Chromatograph) represents a new cost effective approach to gas chromatographic monitoring products for field applications.
The Department of Health & Human Services has labeled benzene as a known human carcinogen - a chemical or physical agent that causes cancer. Benzene is a highly flammable, colorless liquid with a sweet odor. It is evaporates very quickly into air and is slightly soluble in water. Benzene is found in by-products of combustion such as, volcanoes, forest fires, vehicle emissions and cigarette smoke. As a natural component of crude oil, Benzene is primarily manufactured from coal and petroleum.
Benzene is the 17th most abundantly produced chemical in the US. Benzene is used as a raw material in the production of many materials and products including styrene, some rubbers, lubricants, dyes, drugs, synthetic detergents, explosives, insecticides, fumigants, solvents, paint removers, and gasoline. Benzene is also a by-product of the coking process during steel production.

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