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What is the best gas detection technology for water treatment plants?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the right gas detection technology for water and wastewater treatment plants. The ideal detector will be simple to operate and maintain and provide reliable and accurate results. Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection have decades of experience in providing a wide range of gas detection products with an impressive variety of practical sensor technologies to cater for all possible scenarios encountered at treatment plants.

Wastewater treatment generates flammable and toxic gases including methane and hydrogen sulphide. Oxygen enrichment and ozone are also ubiquitous hazards in cases where they are used in the treatment process and carbon dioxide, a potentially toxic gas which can also cause oxygen deficiency, is also used for pH control.

Other toxic hazards, like ammonia and chlorine, are widely used for producing safe drinking water, so reliable leak detection technology is vital to ensure that they gases are not discharged from storage tanks or the processing equipment itself.

Personnel at water treatment facilities need reliable and robust portable gas detectors as part of their personal protective equipment. Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection has an extensive range of portable gas detectors which are perfect for use in confined spaces and have been created especially for the water treatment sectors.

The best solution is to combine portable and fixed detectors. With Fixed gas detectors operators can enhance their process automation system by improving on their risk management whilst reducing operational costs with little or no human intervention.

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